Segregation of Duties

  • Rule-Based Configurable Tool to identify the Access-level Conflicts and Alert appropriate Stakeholders
  • Audit Tool to Identify and Report on User Access Level Compliances


  • Provision to create & maintain multiple base-lines of Customer Specific data and compare 2 base-lines to identify incremental changes between them (i.e.) what all exceptions have been fixed / Newly introduced / Not changed
  • Identify User & Responsibility level Assignments & Usage patterns
  • Incompatibility Report Drill-down (User & Module Level)
  • Responsibility& User Assignment & Usage Dashboard
  • Baseline(s) Comparison


  • Provision to Compare incremental changes and understand the Exceptions Fixed / Introduced New

Request for Segregation of Duties

Segregation of Duties is an application provides the flexibility for the users to create their own reports and dashboards powered by Oracle’s emerging technology Application Express framework (APEX)