SmartDB: Simplifying Oracle Database Management

Experience the power of SmartDB, a comprehensive GUI utility designed to empower customers to monitor and manage their Oracle databases seamlessly across their architecture. With snapshot views offering real-time insights and drill-down options for proactive issue resolution, SmartDB is your go-to solution.


  • Customizable Monitoring: Tailor alerts to your needs for effective database monitoring.
  • Key DB Parameters Check: Ensure the production database’s vital parameters are in check.
  • Dashboard Reports: Visualize data through graphs on an intuitive dashboard.
  • Customized Alerts for Data Warehouse DB: Receive alerts tailored for data warehouse databases.
  • Task Allocation and Tracking: Efficiently allocate and track tasks.
  • Scheduling Calendar: Schedule tasks and set remainder alerts through an intuitive calendar.
  • Standby Sync Check: Customized alerts for standby synchronization checks.
  • DB Cloning with Automated Scripts: Develop and manage database cloning effortlessly.
  • Post-Cloning Task Status: Monitor the status of tasks post-database cloning.
  • Password Safe: Securely capture database and password information with privileged access.
  • Complete Configuration: Seamlessly configure databases and servers across organizations.


  • Simple and Easy: Effortless installation and configuration.
  • Cost-effective: No additional license fees.
  • Automated Dynamic Monitors: Add monitors dynamically with automation.
  • Exclusively for Oracle Database and Apps: Tailored specifically for Oracle technologies.
  • Unlimited User Accounts: Accommodate all users seamlessly.
  • Unlimited Databases to Monitor: Monitor numerous databases effortlessly.

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SmartDB is an application offering users the flexibility to craft their own reports and dashboards, driven by Oracle’s cutting-edge technology, the Application Express Framework (APEX). Streamline your Oracle database management with SmartDB.