Considerations before migrating to Oracle Cloud Applications

Scott Mankin

Associate Principal, Lead Oracle Cloud Architect, The Hackett Group

Scott Mankin has over 25 years of progressive experience as a strategic leader aligning business, processes and technology to meet client goals. In helping nearly 200 clients throughout his career, Mr. Mankin is recognized throughout the industry as a thought leader who builds world class software solutions as well as lasting relationships with senior management. Since 2014, his primary focus has been on delivering modern Oracle platforms as part of multi-phase transformation efforts from on-premise to cloud.

Somu Chockalingam

Co-Founder & President-India

Somu Chockalingam is the President and Co-Founder of Doyensys. Since Founding Doyensys in 2006, Somu has handled Service Delivery and Global operations for the company. Somu has wide experience working with Oracle Technologies from 1994 and prior to Doyensys was part of Wipro, GE and Oracle.

Key points covered are

  • Introduction of participants and Context around Cloud applications adoption
  • Patching Cycle – In Cloud applications how do enterprises manage with regular patching cycle and compare this with On-premise E-Business Applications life cycle
  • Customizations – Customers feel if they have too many customizations then cloud applications is not for them , is this a myth or fact
  • Integrations – How do customers handle integrations with Cloud applications, is Oracle Integration Cloud the best option or what else should they consider
  • Data Migration – How do you handle past data during Cloud migration and if you migrate in between the financial year, how do you consolidate data in two different systems for reporting

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