Track, Analyze, Optimize your Shopfloor – Maximize Productivity

Manufacturing floors today are riddled with challenges, from isolated systems and outdated machinery to fragmented data. These issues obscure critical insights, inflate operational costs, and exacerbate waste, impacting everything from supply chain efficiency to customer satisfaction. In an era where connectivity is key, the absence of a unified digital strategy can lead to inefficient shopfloors.

Doyensys brings industrial IoT to seamlessly integrate your manufacturing operations. Our technology connects machines on the shop floor, offering immediate access to data and insights in an ERP solution that is built for your operations and processes. This enables better decision-making and operational efficiency without the complexity.

Bridge the MES-ERP divide with enterprise applications

Real-time machine data

Immediate insights into machine performance and production flow

Product traceability

Full tracking from inventory to shipping

Single data view

All your data, accessible in one place.

  • Cut down on manual record-keeping.
  • Improve adherence to standards and regulations.
  • Shorten production and delivery times.
  • Catch and fix quality issues sooner, reducing waste.

Maximize productivity

Gain Insights and Control Over Downtime

Efficiency on demand

Condition Monitoring for Smarter Maintenance

Everything connects

MES and ERP systems that work together seamlessly

Why Choose Doyensys for Smart Manufacturing?

Software automation frameworks

Seamless integration of ERP, MES and Machines

Real-time machine monitoring

OPC technology or pi-based sensors to connect with machines

Paperless Shop-floor Records

Online logging of labor & job progress for seamless tracking

Manufacturing and IoT – The Smart Art of Manufacturing

Learn how integrating IoT enhances shop floor management, optimizes production processes, and improves operational efficiency for the future of manufacturing.

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    What we can do for your operational efficiency

    We offer a comprehensive approach to modernizing your manufacturing operations. Our strategy includes everything from ERP implementation to solutions that feed your machine data directly to MES software.

    For your business, this means:

    Improved energy management and downtime tracking

    Better decision-making with predictive and conditional maintenance

    Supply chain management with asset tracking and management.

    Get practical results

    With Doyensys, it’s about making your shop floor better, faster, and more reliable in serving your customers.
    Let’s make your manufacturing operations smarter without the complexity.

    Would you like to explore how we can enhance your manufacturing operations?

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