We at Doyensys, believe in the fact that every employee possesses their own set of strengths and efficiencies. It is those values of our employees that has kept us growing through every ebb and flow. We feel that mere words of appreciation and thankfulness are not enough for these hardworking souls. Therefore, as a token of appreciation and gratitude, we are penning down a blog series on the dedicated and diligent pillars of our organization.

Bhagavathy Ramachandran believes that there must be healthy competition among the team members to yield better results. He always looks forward to learning new things from individuals and doesn’t step back to lend a helping hand to his team.

life-at-doyensys-bhagavathyWhat is your role at Doyensys?

HR Executive

What does your average day look like?

I always feel that work should be fun. It also helps me in interactive learning without making me bored or stressed.

Can you quote your favourite Doyensys memory?

I still remember my first day here when my teammates gave me a warm welcome. I also had an opportunity to have lunch with the CEO. Mainly, I fondly recall the book launch event of Sangam 2019. To date, I look forward to everyday learning which helps me build my next stepping stone.

If you had to pick one aspect that you like the most about working at Doyensys, what would that be?

I must say that my co-workers are extremely helpful. The management is also very much considerate when it comes to accepting the suggestions/opinions of the employees.

How do you contribute apart from work at Doyensys? (Eg: Contributing to Events, CSR Activities, Conducting Sports, etc.)

I organize both indoor and outdoor events. In addition, I take part in sports activities as well.

What kind of a leader are you? How do you rate yourself as a leader, and what do you do to motivate your team?

Being a leader, I would focus on paying heed to my team member’s opinions. I help my team members in every possible way so that they can perform their best. Besides, I believe in a positive competition that contributes to the overall growth of the individuals.

What do you like doing when you are not at work? (Eg.: Shopping, playing games, etc)

I hang out with my friends and at times play outdoor games.

Who do you look up to in your life – someone you would want to follow?

Every individual has their own identity. And therefore, I always try to adopt the positive aspects of an individual who I come across.

What have been noteworthy achievements in life that you look back on with pride?

From entering high school till getting a higher degree, all my life and career decisions were taken by me without the intervention of my parents or relatives.

What is your favourite quote in life?

Be yourself

What has been a challenge you faced in life that you overcame?

With so much competition around, I strongly feel that every day is a challenge for survival.

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