We at Doyensys, believe in the fact that every employee possesses their own set of strengths and efficiency. It is those values of our employees that has kept us growing through every ebb and flow. We feel that mere words of appreciation and thankfulness are not enough for these hardworking souls. Therefore, as a token of appreciation and gratitude, we are penning down a blog series on the dedicated and diligent pillars of our organization.

gobinath-radhakrishnan-doyensysGobinath believes in the fact that teamwork is the backbone of every successful organization. With a motto of ‘Live and let live’, he tries to adopt everything positive around him and feels that every individual offers us a scope to learn and grow.

What is your role at Doyensys?

Senior Principal Consultant

What does your average day look like?

As my core responsibilities include customer handling, I spend most of my average day dedicated to this. I make sure that the pending tasks are evenly distributed among my team members. I also keep a continuous eye on how we can make improvisations in terms of technical support.

Can you quote your favourite Doyensys memory?

I joined this fantastic journey when I was just married. It was nice to have a new beginning both at your life and your workplace. My team is also supportive when it comes to maintaining a balance between work and life.

If you had to pick one aspect that you like the most about working at Doyensys, what would that be?

TEAMWORK- it is the backbone of Doyensys that is continuously helping it achieve new heights.

How do you contribute apart from work at Doyensys? (Eg: Contributing to Events, CSR Activities, Conducting Sports etc.)

I take part in freshers training programs. Also, I actively involve myself in process development workshops and seminars.

What kind of a leader are you? How do you rate yourself as a leader and what do you do to motivate your team?

I always keep myself involved in work. Besides, I make sure that my team receives equal knowledge so that we can explore new scopes and opportunities.

What do you like doing when you are not at work? (Eg.: Shopping, playing games, etc)

I like cooking. I also take interest in exploring share markets and cryptocurrency.

Who do you look up to in your life – someone you would want to follow?

Every individual leaves a mark in my life. I observe each of them and try to adopt their positive things.

What has been noteworthy achievements in life that you look back on with pride?

A few of my teammates once mentioned that my constant support has helped them lead better life both personal and professional.

What is your favourite quote in life?

Live and let live.

What has been a challenge you faced in life that you overcame?

It goes back to my college days when I had a paper called ‘Electronic circuit’. Passing through it has been the biggest challenge ever. Even after clearing the paper and getting a degree, it is still a nightmare for me!

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