Employees are the backbone of an organisation. With the right people, a company can not only achieve its goals but also surpass them. We want to thank our employees and introduce these solid pillars of our success in the world. This is a blog series where we will talk to them in a bid to know them better.

R. Velmurugan has been working with Doyensys for the last 5 years and exemplifies our values of constant learning and development. He says that his journey with Doyensys has been one of personal development. Let’s read more about him.

life-at-doyensys-velmurugan-rHow long has been your journey with Doyensys?

I have been working with Doyensys for the past 5 years.

What is your role at Doyensys?

I started working with Doyensys as a trainee. Now I work as a DBA Consultant.

What does your average day look like?

At Doyensys, I have been working in 24/7 shifts and during my work hours, I have my plate full with client requests. After the shift hours, I try to dedicate time to my personal errands and family time.

Can you quote your favourite Doyensys memory?

My time with Doyensys has been a journey of personal development. I have learned client management, carrying a professional demeanour, and managing my money.

If you had to pick one aspect that you like the most about working at Doyensys, what would that be?

At Doyensys, everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Moreover, the company is fair and transparent in its employee policies.

How do you contribute apart from work at Doyensys? (Eg: Contributing to Events, CSR Activities, Conducting Sports etc.)

I am the star cricketer of Doyensys.

What kind of a leader are you? How do you rate yourself as a leader and what do you do to motivate your team?

I am a leader who stands by the team in every situation. I also believe that knowledge transfer is the best practice to motivate the team.

What do you like doing when you are not at work? (Eg. Shopping, playing games, etc)

I enjoy playing cricket and volleyball when I am not at work.

Who do you look up to in your life – someone you would want to follow?

I want to learn confidence from MS Dhoni.

What has been the noteworthy achievement in life that you look back on with pride?

I take pride in the fact that I completed my Bachelor’s studies with first-class marks.

What is your favourite quote in life?

Heros are not born, they are made by hard work.

What has been a challenge you faced in life that you overcame?

Initially, I struggled with my communication skills, but I am trying to improve my skills through speaking, reading books, and building self-confidence.

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