We at Doyensys, believe in the fact that every employee possesses their own set of strength and efficiency. It is those values of our employees that has kept us growing through every ebb and flow. We feel that mere words of appreciation and thankfulness is not enough for these hardworking souls. Therefore, as a token of appreciation and gratitude we are penning down a blog series on the dedicated and diligent pillars of our organization.

Gayathri firmly believes in teamwork and feels that every small endeavor of an individual must be appreciated. She emphasizes the fact that greater milestones can only be achieved when one is working as a team.


How long has been your journey with Doyensys?

Around 5 Yrs

What is your role at Doyensys?

Senior Consultant

What does your average day look like?

I feel more energized in the morning hours. The first thing I do in the morning is checking my emails. I reply to them and chalk out my to-do list for the day. It’s a good time to analyze my pending tasks and focus on how they should be done. This makes my day planning easier and as a result, I am able to finish them quickly after lunch.

Can you quote your favourite Doyensys memory?

Till now I remember my early days when I received my first award at Doyensys. The company truly encourages its employees and recognizes their work.

If you had to pick one aspect that you like the most about working at Doyensys, what would that be?

TRUST- The management believes in their employees. It believes that its employees are capable of meeting every target. Also, it recognizes their hard work and provides them with more opportunities.

How do you contribute apart from work at Doyensys? (Eg: Contributing to Events, CSR Activities, Conducting Sports etc.)

I gladly take part in hosting monthly birthday events, technical seminars and similar activities. Also, I am thankful to the company for providing me with such opportunities.

What kind of a leader are you? How do you rate yourself as a leader and what do you do to motivate your team?

My leadership idea is very simple; I believe in teamwork. My opinion is that great things can only be achieved when one is working as a team. Communicating clearly about the requirements makes the job easier. I appreciate every small endeavor of my team which motivates them to work more passionately.

What do you like doing when you are not at work? (Eg.: Shopping, playing games, etc)

I like travelling.

Who do you look up to in your life – someone you would want to follow?

My mother-I always wanted to be like her. She is a working woman and carefully balances both work and home. During my bad days, I always look up to her. This keeps me motivated when I miss out on something or unable to find a balance between work and home.

What has been noteworthy achievements in life that you look back with pride?

I still remember the day when I was unanimously elected as the School Pupil Leader in school. Another memorable day was when I successfully organized an event for my graduation along with my team.

What is your favorite quote in life?

If you want to walk fast walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.

What has been a challenge you faced in life that you overcame?

Earlier I used to be very stressed even with a small mistake in my work. But now I have learnt to handle them properly.

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