Doyen Index

In this continuously evolving world, it is essential to follow a path of knowledge enhancement and skill development. Doyensys places an unwavering focus on this aspect and encourages the employees to take up certifications. As they become certified in more technologies, it not only enriches their own profile but also adds to the knowledge base of the organisation.

About the Doyen Index

The Doyen Index measures the hunger for learning and advancing oneself in the technological domain. It is represented by the number of employees who have successfully completed their certifications. The Doyen Index is a true representation of the company’s willingness and enthusiasm for growth and development. Currently, 90 percent of the employees are certified, due to Doyensys’ focus on upskilling. Doyens have successfully authored six books.

Why Doyensys believe in the Doyen Index

We believe that our knowledge index is our true source of competitive advantage. We intend to continuously invest in it for the benefit of our clients and employees. We also firmly believe in knowledge sharing and encourage Doyens to present their expertise on national and international platforms.

How Doyensys is increasing its Doyen Index

Doyensys follows a three-pronged approach for enhancing the Doyen Index.

  • Consistent and constant support.
  • Reimbursing the certification cost.
  • Acknowledging and appreciating the employees in internal and external platforms.

Doyensys is the only company that is encouraging its employees to become authors and share their knowledge with the world.