The Impact on IT Services and How to Successfully Overcome the Challenges.

Friday, 22nd May 2020

10 AM EST, 7:30 PM IST

Tim Norton

Founder VMO Benchmark

Tim Norton is the founder of VMO Benchmark. He has 35+ years of experience in IT vendor management, directing the external resource strategies for Fortune 500 companies General Electric (GE) and logistics giant UPS. Since January 2017, Tim has been operating his own advisory firm, VMO Benchmark, as well as serving on the advisory board of NLB Services, where he assesses the vendor management strategies of his clients.

Curtis Hampshire

Executive Vice President and General Manager at Highstreet IT Solutions

Curtis Hampshire is Executive Vice President and General Manager at Highstreet IT Solutions. Curtis has 30+ years of experience with IT services organizations, from small highly specialized IT service firms to Fortune 100 companies. He has extensive expertise as senior IT executive overseeing over $1B in annual revenue, leading global Customer Success, IT service, and global technology teams, with members across multiple continents (Europe, North America, India).

Somu Chockalingam

Co-Founder & President-India

Somu Chockalingam is the President and Co-Founder of Doyensys. Since Founding Doyensys in 2006, Somu has handled Service Delivery and Global operations for the company. Somu has wide experience working with Oracle Technologies from 1994 and prior to Doyensys was part of Wipro, GE and Oracle.

Key points covered are

  • Does this COVID19 have an impact globalization mindset in the IT Services Business – offshore / near shore / outsourcing – due to nationalism
  • Did our earlier BCP Plan cover for such (COVID19 type) situations, will this lead to companies thinking and investing more for BCP options and what could have been done better to handle this COVID19 situation for IT Services
  • What is the impact on COVID 19 on remote working and working from home , what does this mean for Security related concerns ( data / privacy / monitoring etc.,)
  • Will COVID19 force business to adopt to cloud and digital way of doing business – will businesses have money to invest for such initiatives given the current situation
  • What are areas in IT Services that will grow because of COVID19 that IT Services firm should focus and invest their time and energy on.

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